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How to Play and Inspect Closed Captions with Switch


With the recent release of Timed Text Speech (our new auto-transcription service) we have captions and subtitles on our minds. If you work with videos that have captions or subtitles, you may also be interested in […]

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Tips and tricks for traveling to IBC


Everything you need to know before traveling to Amsterdam for IBC! Since Telestreamers are veteran IBC attendees, we wanted to take the opportunity to share our travel tips and tricks for attending what can feel […]

Case Studies – Wirecast


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Captioning and QC in an Automated Workflow

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Case Studies – ScreenFlow



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  • HEVC/H.265
    HEVC/H.265 Webinar Every year the number of file formats, video formats and compression schemes continues to grow.  At more than 200 and counting, it is difficult to keep track of how the video industry is [...]
  • HDR Mountains
    In our last blog about Ultra High Definition (UHD), we covered the spacial resolution of the human visual system, and how (horizontally) the highest frequency the average human with 20/20 vision can detect subtends an angle [...]
  • Flowtility
    Introducing Flowtility’s Pro Transition Pak for ScreenFlow! Hey ScreenFlow Producers!  We love providing you with more tools for your toolkit.  Our friends at Flowtility have launched a new Pro Transition Pak that we know you’ll [...]
    Boosting’s Productivity is a leading online learning company that teaches business, technical and creative skills to help people achieve their personal and professional goals. With a subscription to, members have access to [...]

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