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Black Friday Sale, 2015

November 27, 2015 in Company, News, Product, ScreenFlow, Switch, Wirecast by Lucas Bischofberger

VideoIt’s that time of year again! Luckily there will be no storming our store front and fighting for the hottest deals. There is more than enough to go around this holiday season here at Telestream, with all of our desktop products and upgrades discounted 30%! Read the rest of this entry →

If 4K is Good, and 8K is Better, is 16K Best?

November 3, 2015 in Employee Spotlight, Industry, Interviews, News by Lucas Bischofberger


Another great contribution from our very own Paul Turner!


One thing we know to be constant in our industry is that there is always going to be change. We’ve moved from black and white to color to digital to HD, in the constant desire to bring higher and higher fidelity images to the home. Now we’re hearing about 4K/UHDTV (these are not quite the same, but we’ve had that discussion) and beyond – the Japanese broadcasters – and specifically NHK – have announced that they intend to broad cast the 2020 Olympics in 8K resolution. Read the rest of this entry →

Captioning Mandates in the New Year

October 14, 2015 in Company, Industry, News by Will Brown

MandatesYour Cheat Sheet to Internet captioning requirements through 2017

For broadcasters and cable programmers already grappling with the FCC’s closed captioning mandates, 2016 and 2017 will bring even more new requirements – this time for video distributed over the internet. These new captioning requirements will extend the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) and are developing at a time when audiences are watching less content over cable (or over the air) and more content on internet-enabled devices (what we call over-the-top or “OTT”). Read the rest of this entry →

What on Earth is “Drop Frame Timecode?”

September 1, 2015 in Industry, News, Tips and Tricks by Lucas Bischofberger

TimecodeAnother great contribution from our very own Paul Turner!

It All Has to do With the History of NTSC

The idea of timecode has been around since the very earliest days of TV, and has its origins in the idea of keycode in film negatives. The idea is simply to uniquely identify any individual frame in a piece of media. A simple frame count would do this, but few people could envision where, in time, frame 213,452 is. So timecode uses the idea of a frame identifier being designated in HH:MM:SS:FF, frame 213,452 translates to 01:58:35:02 (at 30 frames per second). Read the rest of this entry →

ScreenFlow Beginner Webinars

August 18, 2015 in Product, ScreenFlow, Tips and Tricks by Lucas Bischofberger


Learning a new app can be difficult, but we’ve made it much easier.

Starting fresh with new software is intimidating and often quite frustrating.  While we try to make Screenflow as intuitive as possible, some things are just better when presented in an easy to follow, thorough manner.  Between our Product Specialist Andrew Haley, and Product Evangelist Lucas Bischofberger, our 3-part beginner webinar series does just that.  Follow along as we open up ScreenFlow for the first time, all the way to batch exporting with different datarates and output destinations. Read the rest of this entry →

Meet the ScreenFlow-er: Jeffrey Bradbury

August 3, 2015 in Interviews, Meet the ScreenFlow-er, Product, ScreenFlow, Tips and Tricks by Lucas Bischofberger

Jeffrey Bradbury and TeacherCast

IMG_6190A few weeks ago, while in Philadelphia for the ISTE conference, we were lucky enough to spend some time with Jeffrey Bradbury.  An avid ScreenFlow and Wirecast user, Jeffrey is well known in the EdTech scene as the creator of Teachercast, and as teacher helping fellow teachers.  We sat down for a quick interview to see how an education pro uses Screenflow to it’s full extent! Read the rest of this entry →

Wirecast Rockstar: Teacher Anthony Johnson

July 24, 2015 in Interviews, Product, Production, Tips and Tricks, Wirecast, Wirecast Rockstars by Lucas Bischofberger

TeacherGreen Screen in the Classroom

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to meet a Twitter friend in real life at the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia.  Anthony Johnson, who we first encountered due to his interactive classroom photos on Twitter, stopped by and gave us a bit of insight on how Wirecast is implemented in his classroom.  Take a look at what he has to say about a budget green screen setup! Read the rest of this entry →

4K vs. UHD – Are They the Same?

July 15, 2015 in Industry, News, Production, Tips and Tricks by Lucas Bischofberger

UHDAnother great contribution from our very own Paul Turner!

The Future of Resolution

You can’t have failed to notice that the volume of traffic discussing 4K/UHD video has increased considerably recently. Specifically, many TV manufacturers have been proclaiming that 2016 will be the year in which higher resolution screens will become the norm (if you remember, they did this with higher frame rate sets a couple of years ago – regardless of the fact that in reality, the only video you can watch at these higher frame rates comes from video gaming consoles). Read the rest of this entry →

Do-It-Yourself Video Closed Captioning

July 9, 2015 in Captioning, Product, Tips and Tricks by Lucas Bischofberger

CaptioningThe first entry in a new series to help you get started captioning from our own Giovanni Galvez

Working with Captions

For a lot of people, the process for closed captioning videos seems intimidating. After all, closed captioning is a technical process that is becoming increasingly regulated by government agencies with specific guidelines.

But the process can be very simple and, for pre-recorded videos, can be done right on your desktop. Can your captioning project be D.I.Y.? Here are the key questions that need to be answered: Read the rest of this entry →

ISTE 2015

June 19, 2015 in Company, Industry, News, Product, ScreenFlow, Wirecast by Lucas Bischofberger

ISTEInternational Society for Technology in Education

We are super excited to head to beautiful Philadelphia at the end of June for the ISTE 2015 Conference!  From June 28th through July 1st we will be showing off Wirecast and ScreenFlow at booth 1262. Come stop by and say hello, or check out some of the great extra curricular activities all week long! Read the rest of this entry →