Combining Asset Management and Transcoding Capabilities


Telestream Vantage transcoding and Cantemo Portal media asset management form a streamlined, integrated workflow In today’s file-based workflow environment, multi-format media transcoders and media asset management are two vital yet complementary technologies. As part of […]

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How to Export and Share Your ScreenFlow Videos


  Once you’ve finished recording, pulling in external media and editing in ScreenFlow, it’s time to turn your project into an actual video. There are many ways you can export your video depending on its […]


Meeting the Demands of Complex Media Production Workflows


How the integration of Vantage transcoding with Empress Media Asset Management (eMAM) streamlines file-based production and distribution Today’s growing volume and usage of digital media content requires specialized tools and solutions that can simplify and […]


Tips and Tricks for Preparing Live Broadcasts


With the recent rise of live streaming, you’ve probably considered adding live broadcasts to your social media marketing strategy. However, although live streaming can be as simple as picking up a camera and going live, […]

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Tips and tricks for traveling to IBC


Everything you need to know before traveling to Amsterdam for IBC! Since Telestreamers are veteran IBC attendees, we wanted to take the opportunity to share our travel tips and tricks for attending what can feel […]

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  • DPP
    As of this past Tuesday, “File Delivery Day,” file transfer in the UK has been changed dramatically.  Thanks to the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) in the UK, all television programs are now delivered to broadcasters in a single, regulated package. Paul Turner, Telestream’s Vice President of Enterprise Product Management, takes a moment to reflect on the changes, and how Vantage [...]
  • Effective September 30, 2016, we will be discontinuing support for Vantage versions 6.0 and earlier. This does NOT include Vantage 6.1, 6.2 or 6.3. If you are currently running one of these early versions, we encourage you to update your existing systems to the most recent version. For those who remain on the previous versions, beginning October 1, 2016 you will have two [...]