The Ever-Expanding Scope of Delivery


The ever-expanding scope of delivery requirements, regulations, and file types has increased the need for QC. These requirements range from simple file and format specifications to very specific file verifications that ensure media complies with […]

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Meet the ScreenFlow-er: Deyson Ortiz


Meet the ScreenFlow-er: Deyson Ortiz. Ortiz is a talented video creator who creates animation templates for Final Cut Pro editors. He uses ScreenFlow to teach his users how to use his templates by creating tutorials […]


Cinnafilm Tachyon and Dark Energy Options in Vantage


Opting to integrate Cinnafilm Tachyon standards conversion and Dark Energy noise reduction and texture-aware scaling solutions within the Vantage Transcode workflow As operators prepare to provide premium UHD channels to their customers, the ability to […]

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The Live Programming Life Cycle


Chances are, if you work in the broadcast or live streaming industry, you’re familiar with something called “The live programming life cycle.” But for those that aren’t familiar with this concept, what exactly is it […]

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Why Should You Automate Your Quality Control (QC)?


Over the years, the broadcast industry has moved away from tape-based workflows to file-based workflows. Since this transition, Quality Control (QC) has become an important factor in ensuring the reliable delivery of quality content.


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Captioning and QC in an Automated Workflow

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  • DPP
    As of this past Tuesday, “File Delivery Day,” file transfer in the UK has been changed dramatically.  Thanks to the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) in the UK, all television programs are now delivered to broadcasters [...]
  • MXF
    Another great contribution from our very own Paul Turner! What is MXF? It’s hard to work in media without coming across the acronym “MXF” when discussing file formats. Once described (by some) as the solution [...]
  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many words a video must be worth! Modern society has recognized the value of video. Witness the meteoric rise of YouTube, iTunes, Netflix, Facebook videos, [...]
  • Flowtility
    Introducing Flowtility’s Pro Transition Pak for ScreenFlow! Hey ScreenFlow Producers!  We love providing you with more tools for your toolkit.  Our friends at Flowtility have launched a new Pro Transition Pak that we know you’ll [...]

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