Automating Avid Ingest and Delivery Workflows

Sports, reality, soap operas, and news are examples of video production which can be time-sensitive.  Video distributors need to move media from camera card to edit quickly and reliably.  The issue with that is camera card media is typically in a different format than required for post-production editing.  Here are two tips to accelerate post-production media workflows. 

  1. Save time with Automated Ingest 

Telestream ContentAgent automated and scalable camera card ingest workflows are an essential part for an Avid ecosystem.  Non-technical operators can easily playback, add custom metadata and submit media for parallel processing, allowing editors access to the media while the file is still growing in a Media Central Production Management workflow.  In less time pressure-sensitive post-production environments, standalone Media Composer users can also benefit from centralizing and automating tasks such as camera card ingest via ContentAgent. 

  1. Automate the creation of broadcast, web, and viewing copies 

After editing is complete, editors can automate the creation of broadcast masters, web and viewing copies direct from Media Composer or MediaCentral.  ContentAgent will read the sequence and transcode (or re-wrap) multiple deliverables as a background process allowing editors to focus on storytelling rather than technical tasks. 

Check out the Telestream ContentAgent Avid Workflow Guide, or for more details on ContentAgent, please visit the ContentAgent resources page.

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