ScreenFlow 4.5 is Now Available!


ScreenFlow 4.5 screen recording and editing software is here! This is a free update for version 4.x users, and includes support for OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), as well as a number of improvements including:

  • Expanded! Publish to Google Drive, Facebook and Dropbox: ability to export and upload directly to a Google Drive, Facebook or Dropbox account.
  • Improved! Upload Manager: Available for all the Publish To… options, once the export is complete, the uploading will occur in the background, allowing users to continue editing as the upload completes.
  • Improved! Transition Inspector management: A new capability in the Transition Inspector that lets you identify your most-used transitions so they appear in a “favorite” section. This area will also group add-in transitions.
  • New! Transition Packs for sale: One pack of 20 “wipe” transitions for adding more creative splash to your projects. $19.99.  Learn more (More packs coming soon!)
  • Lots of other improvements and fixes!

For a detailed list of new features and changes in this release, please read the Release Notes and see our website.

How to update:

Open ScreenFlow and “Check for Updates” from the ScreenFlow menu.


We will be releasing ScreenFlow 4.5 on the Mac App Store as soon as that has been approved by Apple.


Let us know what you think of this update and all the improvements!




      • Lynn Elliott

        Open your ScreenFlow, and go to the ScreenFlow menu at the top. Under that, you’ll see “Check for Updates”. ScreenFlow will then check to see if you’re on the latest version, and if not, will present a window with a link for you to update. Keep in mind that the minimum OS version for ScreenFlow 4.5 is OS X 10.7 (Lion). If you are on 10.6 Snow Leopard, ScreenFlow will tell you you are on the latest version. (It won’t present a link for you to download a version that is not compatible with your OS)

  1. Joseph

    A new transition pack for $20 seems excessively priced. Why not improve ScreenFlow’s existing transitions? I consider Apple Keystone’s transitions a good example of how effective transitions ought to appear/work. IMO ScreenFlow’s existing or new transitions are not in that league.

    • Lynn Elliott

      Thanks for the feedback Joseph. We wanted to add the option for those who wanted more transitions, to be able to purchase them… rather than overload the application and charge everyone. We’re also hoping to add more Transition packs in the near future, so there will be more to choose from.


  2. Joseph

    Thanks for the clarification Lynn re exporting. Has Telestream created a video tutorial for Exporting in version 4? I realize there is a step-by-step tutorial from last January, however, I comprehend better via the video style rather than text step-by-step.

      • Joseph

        great Lynn. I like to see you focus on the various options available for export, particularly the difference between direct upload to You Tube etc. versus exporting to the computer. I still do not understand clearly the benefits of the various options.

        For example, I recently created a 25 minute show. I wanted to export versions for computer (720p/1280×740), iPad and iPhone. The computer version was in web high, while iPad and iPhone were created based on std. presets. Surprisingly, the iPad and iPhone versions were almost the same size as the web high version. computer was 750mb. Two other versions were around 550mb. I had thought the iPhone version would be significantly less in size given the much smaller screen size.

  3. Marco Nobili

    I Can’t publish videos on youtube! On ScreenFlow 4 I was doing that every weekend! But now I can;t do enythink! I don’t like that update!!! If you can please help me with that!
    When I click Publish To -> Youtube… -> Video Encoding (1080 HD) -> Options (Use Motion Blur) -> Category (Loading) (I was waiting for loading 2 H!!! That Is the Problem…he never stops loading! 🙁 Please Help me!)!!!!!?!??!?!?!?!?

  4. ella

    I’ve downloaded the update because the old version recorded only a black screen and wouldn’t work any longer. I wasn’t aware that I had to buy this updated and only found out after I updated the software. Now I have to buy it again even though I already bought it before?? This is really annoying!

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