Wirecast and Zoom Integrations

Learn how to use Wirecast Screen Capture to bring a Zoom meeting into Wirecast and learn how to use the Wirecast feature, “Virtual Camera Out to bring Wirecast components into your Zoom meeting.

Using Screen Capture to bring a Zoom Meeting into Wirecast for Windows 10

Using Screen Capture to bring a Zoom Meeting into Wirecast for Mac OS

Using Virtual Camera Out in a Zoom Meeting

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  1. Zak

    I’ve been able to bring the Zoom video feed into Wirecast on my 2019 Macbook Pro, but I can’t seem to bring the audio in. Is there an easy way to bring in the audio from the Zoom call into Wirecast? Thanks.

    • hmm, we’d have to know more about your system setup to try to figure out what’s going on. You can try to contact our support department. Also, if you want to do some troubleshooting, take a look at how you have your video and audio set up in your broadcast. Are they coming in as one shot or separate shots? Is it out of sync 100% of the time, or only at certain times? If only at certain times, can you figure out what triggers it and reproduce that? If you use a different camera or different audio source – does that make a difference? If you do contact support, all those troubleshooting steps will help them help you diagnose what’s going on.

  2. Jon

    How about audio? I have worked with this in so many ways but hoping that with these new changes things are simplified. Using Blackhole and various other virtual audio apps. I did well for about 5 live streams but then had problems with audio. It required a second MacBook pro where I invited that computer to the Zoom meeting – simply so i could monitor the audio from the guests. Please advise.

  3. DGT

    Dude! You didn’t show how we can capture zoom audio in Wirecast. I tried different ways. (Audio Capture with Screen Capture, directly Audio Capture in same layer) But i couldn’t do it. Can you tell us how to do it?

  4. Mark

    Wirecast Virtual Camera out does not seem to send to zoom anymore. It is not recognized. I am using a Macbook Pro. DO i need a plugin or other firmware to be able to send my program feed to Zoom as a camera input?

  5. Michael Heipel

    Thanks for this! I was experiencing difficulties getting the sound in from Zoom on Mac – any suggestions? I ticked the audio box in the settings window on Wirecast for the screen capture, didn‘t work…

  6. IS there any way to get the audio connection from the zoom window to work more than 5% of the time. I would be happy with 50% of the time. I have WC 11 and my MacBook Pro. I set up the zoom session – watched all the wirecast videos – selected every conceivable option for audio and it never picked up tonight. Finally had to resort to just aiming my video camera at the computer screen and putting my mic on the macbook speaker to broadcast it. The zoom connection has worked well one time and one time only. We had an online parents conference and was trying to bring in the english/reading teacher from her house and went click by click on setting it up. Deleted the shot about 6 or 7 times and did it again. Quit WC and reopened and tried it again – never got a peep out of it.

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