Wirecast Shot Properties Panel

Each source added to Wirecast will have properties that may need to be adjusted or configured.

To access the Shot Properties Panel double-click any source or click the double arrow button upper left of the user interface.

Tab 1: Shot Layers

  • Within the Shot Layers tab, you are able to rename the source.  This is helpful when a name/number/specification is easier to read than the source’s original title.
  • You may add a layer or remove a layer inside of the source with the + or – button.  A good way to build a shot where you need all the sources within that shot.  Instead of clearing multiple layers or having to turn on and off multiple layers, with layers inside a layer, you may transition aways with one click.
  • With the up and down buttons, you are able to configure what over or underlays within the layers.  For example, a logo 1st layer and camera source second layer, allowing the logo to be seen and not covered by the camera layer.
  • Each layer has an eye icon and if a source with sound, a speaker icon.  These may be toggled on and off as needed.  You’re able to turn sources on / off within the layers.

Tab 2: Shot Layers Properties

  • Position, Scale, X Y, and Z Rotation, Opacity, Reflection adjustments are available.
  • 10 preconfigured Matte’s are available to choose from.  You may browse your personal Matte’s if have created one or own other available Matte’s.
  • Stretch To Fit will stretch your source to the right and left side of the Preview Window.
  • Scale To Fit will expand your source until two sides of the source meet the top or bottom, left or right of the Preview Window. 
  • Reset Position will reset all adjustments or configurations from above.
  • Crop offers Left, Right, Top, Bottom cropping for images with areas that need to hidden or removed.  A reset button is available to reset your cropping parameters.
  • Color offers adjustments over Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Hue and Saturation of a source.  A reset button is available to reset your color adjustments.
  • Enable a Drop Shadow will allow you to give perspective or distance to a source.  Adjustments for Angle, Color, Offset, Opacity and Blur Size are available.  Use As Defaults will save your Drop Shadow adjustments and the is a Reset button available.
  • Enable PTZ preset recall will allow you to load previously configured PTZ Optics camera configurations.
  • Show PTZ Controller will allow control of your PTZ Optics camera over IP.  Offering Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Exposure (Shutter / Iris), White Balance, Red, and Blue Gain Adjustments.  You may Save your settings or Recall previous settings as well.

Tab 3: Audio Properties

  • Allow for Volume control of the specific source over the Preview or Live Output mixed sources.
  • A left or right pan slider is available
  • A visual meter with a mute on/off button may be used to confirm levels and mute the audio within the source.
  • The ability to Map the Channel within the source.  A Pro feature with the ability to select the channel and map to one of eight outputs.
  • Changes to these settings only affect this layer.  For global audio and additional settings, use the Source Properties tab.

Tab 4: Chroma Key Properties

  • Allowing the ability to pull a live key with one click.
  • Options to pick an exact color with a color picker.
  • Adjustments are available for Key Threshold, Black Clip, White Clip for a detailed key.
  • Ability to set adjustments as a Default Chroma Key.

Tab 5: Smooth Transition Properties

  • The Smooth Transition is the preset transition setting provided by Wirecast creating a fade-in, fade-out and cross-dissolve feature in one click.
  • Build In adjustments are available.  Preset is from middle and may be adjusted to a top, bottom, right or left side as well as from one of the four corners.  Build In’s may be adjusted to Fade In, Spin In and Scale in to create the perfect transition for switching between sources.  These may be adjusted prior to or while streaming.

Tab 6: Source Properties

There are three types of source properties.  Video Files, Cameras, Audio, and Network.

  • Video Files Source Properties allow for setting In Point and Out Points with duration information.
  • When Finished actions are available when the video has finished playing.  Loop, Hold or Remove when finished.
  • Begin playing when media becomes Live may be turned on and off.
  • Remember position even when not Live may turn on and off.
  • Camera Source Properties allow for setting Video Delay, Video Settings (color space and resolution), Video Frames Per Second, and Audio Settings.  All settings are provided by the camera or capture card.
  • Audio Source Properties allow for adding an audio delay and using the Mix Minus feature to avoid loopback from audio sources.  Audio Settings / Bitrate Settings are available and provided by the audio source.
  • Network Source Properties allow for configuring iOS Cam – Wirecast GO connections, configuring Web Page destinations and settings, configuring a Web-Stream and configuring source connections.

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