Keeping Your Sanity as you Shelter in Place

Most of us have been required to stay home due to COVID 19 and whether you’re by yourself, with your roommates, your spouse or children, you may start to feel a little stir crazy. To kick cabin-fever to the curb, we have compiled a list of various live streams to keep you entertained. Enjoy!

We will try to update this list as frequently as possible with any new live streams we come across. And if you have any you’ve been watching yourself, please comment and we will add them to the list!

Music Live Streams

Who? Sofi Tukker 

When? Every day at 1 PM ET Tune in via Sofi Tukker’s Instagram and Facebook.

Why watch? Use the stream as a workout soundtrack or a little mid-day pick me up!

Who? The Indigo Girls 

When? This Thursday, March, 18th at 6 pm EST via Facebook Live

Why watch? They will be featuring songs from their upcoming album which will be released May 22nd.

Who? Ben Gibbard- Death Cab for Cutie

When? Every day at 4 PM ET. Tune in via Facebook Live.

Why watch? He’s going to be playing every day as a thank you to his fans and he will provide options to donate to various causes.


Here’s a list from of all the children’s authors doing read along and online activities.

Who? Mo Williams- Lunch doodles

When? Every day at 1 PM ET. Tune in via Youtube.

Why watch? Take a pause from working or provide extra entertainment for the kiddos with daily lunch doodle live streams!

Who? Pete the Cat- Virtual Storytelling

When? Every day at 12 PM ET. Tune in via Instagram

Why watch? So you don’t have to read that book again.

Live Stream Workouts

Who? Best Life Fitness Academy

When? Tune in via Facebook Live.

Why Participate? A local gym of Nevada City (where Telestream is headquartered). They have workouts for any level and live options as well as workouts to do on your own.

Who? Planet Fitness

When? Every day at 7 PM ET. Tune in via Facebook Live.

Why Participate? Each class is only 20 minutes or less and no equipment is needed. If you can’t make it live, the workouts will be available on-demand on Facebook and in Planet Fitness’ YouTube channel.

Who? Tuck Barre and Yoga

When? The classes will go live daily at 7:15 a.m., 12:15 p.m., and 5:30 p.m. Facebook Live.

Why Participate? No equipment needed and you can get your kids involved too!

Theater Live Streams

A full list from of visual arts being live-streamed.

A comprehensive list of all opera companies offering free streaming services right now.

What? Ridgefield’s ACT of CT and Playhouse to live stream.

When? Friday, March 20th at 5 PM EST via Facebook Live.

Why watch? Support local theatre!

What?  Cat Cohen is moving her weekly “Cabaret Cabernet” show into her bedroom.

When? 8 PM EST on Wednesday, March 18. Tune in via Instagram Live.

Why watch? It’s the entertainment and humor we all need.


What? The National aquarium live stream.

When? On-going via their website.

Why watch? Because nothing is more relaxing than washing jelly-fish *woosh* around their tanks.

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Know of other things happening in your community or around the world? Please comment below and let us know!

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