ScreenFlow 4.0 Sneak Peek: Razzle Dazzle ‘Em

Here we go! With ScreenFlow 4 coming soon, I wanted to give you a taste of what’s to come. Our first sneak peek: Razzle dazzle your audience with new powerful editing features including chroma key support and video and audio filters:

Chroma key support

  • Replace your green (or any color) background with your own video or still image background

Core image video and audio filters

  • Add effects to videos, images and audio
  • Video effects include advanced color adjustments, distortion effects, blurring, alpha mask, color effects, and more
  • Audio effects include EQ, multiband compression, peak limiting, delay and more


  1. Wow! The features in this video are worth far more than the upgrade costs. Count me in!

    Keep up the good work @Telestream 🙂

    Ton from the Netherlands (Happy Screenflow user since the early days)

  2. Wow, couldn’t live without Screenflow anymore. Using it everyday in our daily video production workflow.
    v4 seems great, but just one work on v3.0.8 : will you fix the freehand callout bug on retina display ? the draw zone is not the same as the selected one. It’s weird and really a showstopper. best.

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