Changing your Default Transition

Do you know that you can set what your default transition is? Easy! Just go to your preferences, and select a transition from the “Default Transition” dropdown box. This comes in handy if you have a project that uses a particular transition that you don’t use regularly. Simply make that transition your default, and you’ll save time every time you add a transition.

default transition2


    • HI Philippe,
      We have not removed this functionality, and it should still work as described in 3.0.6.

      What do you mean when you say it does not seem to work? Is the drop-down box not visible from the Preferences>Timeline area? Or are you saying that when you change the default, your change is not being registered?

  1. I have a problem, cuz i can change the typo of transition BUT i need to set the time on 0,2 Segs, but even when i can change it on preferences the timeline shows 1Seg …so, any solution? THANKS FOR THE APP ITS REAAAAAAALLLLY COOL AND EASY 🙂

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